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C&G designs and manufactures LED scoreboards and displays with sports in mind. Fans are looking for an experience that their TV can't give them, and we help provide that unique game-day atmosphere at venues of all sizes.

Give your patrons the game information they desire with a standard or custom scoreboard. Communicate live game statistics and booster information with a versatile message center. Use a video display to get the crowd on its feet and showcase your sponsors.

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Pixel pitch:10 mm;  Brightness:4000 nit;  Cabinet size: 1440x960x150 mm

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Pixel pitch:16 mm;  Brightness:7500 nit;  Cabinet size: 1280x960x150 mm

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Pixel pitch:20 mm;  Brightness:6500 nit;  Cabinet size: 1280x960x150 mm

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Pixel pitch:12 mm;  Brightness:4000 nit;  Cabinet size: 1344x960x150 mm

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CG LED Screen Co., Ltd established in 2008,  focus on helping partners with Complete Good LED Screen for their business.  
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