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Fairs and Expos

Digital message displays increase visibility and exposure to events and venues all year long, while maintaining low power and operating costs.

Potential uses of digital signage:

● Advertising promotional content in high traffic areas
● Showing sponsor messages, which can increase the value of corporate sponsorship packages
● Relaying public service information, such as time and temperature, weather forecasts, and news headlines



IM Serial

IM Serial : IM10/IM12/IM20/IM30/IM37

Pixel Pitch (mm):10/12.5/20/31.25/37.5

Brightness (cd/m2):1,200/1,200/4,500/2,000/2,000

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M Seial

M Serial : M3/M4/M48/M5/M6

Pixel Pitch (mm):3.75/4/4.8/5/6

Brightness (cd/m2):2,000/2,000/2,000/2,000/2,000

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S Serial

S Serial : S6/S7/S9/S12

Pixel Pitch (mm):6/7/9/12

Brightness (cd/m2):>1,200/ >1,200/ >1,200/ >1,200

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C&G LED Screen Co., Ltd established in 2008, on the BASIS of PURCHASE Shenzhen Minglianxin Co.,Ltd, Established and do LED business on 2001      
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